Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10 Reasons To Buy Frank Lindamood's New Album, "To Be As Gods" (only two ranked)

November 2011, my wife's parents celebrated their 50th anniversary by throwing a pickin' party.  I was fortunate to be at that gathering on St. George Island and that's where I met Frank Lindamood.  

With a knife on his belt and a bottle of Irish Whiskey in hand, he sauntered up.  At one point that night he played a ballad on banjo.  A murder ballad.  I love me some murder ballad.  Through the fog of time I don't remember the song, but it very well could have been this one:  Mister Graves.  I don't want to pigeon-hole him as a murder balladeer, but his rich voice and his nimble fingers on the banjo sold the story and I was delighted to find more on this album.

To be clear, I don't know Frank.  I met him that day in 2011 and almost a year to the day later in a bar where he played three songs from this album.  He initially came across as a serious person, but he has a million dollar smile that brings his eyes along for the ride.  A self-described heathen, I imagine the back-story on him is as rich as the characters in his songs.

  • Frank records for Gatorbone Records.  Supporting local music is always good.  Supporting the incredible roster Gatorbone has is even better.
  • IMMORTAL BELOVED (track 1)- There's never been a more beautiful song written about Beethoven's Love.
  • A MAN NAMED PEACE (track 4)- One of Frank's (typically) engaging murder ballads.
  • THE NAZARITE (track 5)- Haunting and beautiful.
  • THE STAGEHAND'S WALTZ (track 6)- Frank's liner notes to this one:  "Once I danced with a beautiful ballerina.  She left forever after the curtain call."  That line alone could launch a heart and a great story.  That and a plywood moon!
  • FUGITIVE IN THE EARTH (track 7)- Even though I know it's coming, the last line still gives me chills.
  • SAILOR'S FAREWELL (track 8)- "For I do not want your tears."
  • This album's cover, disc and inside art are pieces by C. D. Smith.  Maybe I would have eventually stumbled across his talent, but this album made that connection sooner rather than later.  Great Artist, too!
      tie 1.  THE GENERAL'S DREAM (track 2)- I admit that when I first heard Frank I had the thought of sitting around a fire in Virginia after a battle during the Civil War, so I was already biased toward the song just by its subject.  And it's a hell of a song.

      tie 1.  EDEN (track 3)- This is one of those songs that you wish you wrote.  Or you wish you wrote something half as good.  Or you're just very thankful that you got to hear it.

(I'll supply a link to where you can buy the album when I find it.  If you want the link, email me or leave a comment.)

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